The Benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming versus Grooming Salon

Choosing the right groomer is a very personal process. They have to be knowledgeable, caring and have the best interest of your beloved animal in mind. Let’s compare the benefits of mobile pet grooming versus a grooming salon.


Mobile Grooming Benefits                                            vs.

  • Stress free / flexible appointments @ home or office
  • One-on-one personal service at your door
  • Clear pricing with no upsells – pay for what you want
  • Your pet is never put in crate
  • No cage/ fluff drying for lasting beauty
  • Special care for your older/disabled pet
  • Hand scissoring and grooming to breed standard
  • Clean, sanitary, professional environment
  • Experienced & caring – in business for over 40 years
  • Eliminates exposure to other animals and
    potential diseases and parasites
  • Eliminates car transportation

Retail Stores

  • Car transportation & stress
  • Time wastage – inflexible appointments
  • Pets get stressed with other animals around
  • Cages & crates
  • Exposure to other animals & potential diseases/parasites
  • Older pets can feel anxious
  • Nickle & dime – upsells


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