Book Mobile Pet Grooming Los Angeles

We bring mobile dog cat grooming in Los Angeles performed by experienced groomers, right to your door.

  •  Trusted and loved since 1974, formerly Groom For Less/SophistiDog
  •  Well trained and knowledgeable
  •  Safe & healthy 1-to-1 interaction
  •  7 days a week – 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  •  Saves time, affordable and convenient
  •  Self-contained vans with hot water/AC
  •  All of Los Angeles County
  • Insured, Clean and Protected

Prices start at $ 65 and vary with breed/size. To see prices & availability, request an appointment online.

All grooming appointments include: bath and brush, quality breed trim/haircut, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed.  Bath & Tidy service includes a bath, nails, teeth, ears & anal gland expression

Other pet grooming services available are conditioner, medicated shampoos, bows, cologne, scissor finish, de-matting, and flea and tick baths.